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How can I learn Reiki?

Reiki 1 - for Self Healing with Reiki

Learning Reiki may help you reduce stress. Reiki is great for letting go of thoughts and behaviours which are damaging to your health and well being.

Reiki 1 is for beginners and teaches you how to channel healing for you, your family and friends. You will also learn an easy routine for self healing to keep your own energy in balance.

Reiki healing can be used safely with orthodox medicine and combines effectively with other complementary therapies such as massage, reflexology and counselling.

Reiki 2 - therapist training

Reiki 2 helps you develop your intuition and work with more healing tools. You are introduced and attuned to the first set of Reiki symbols with this level.

If you are interested in becoming a successful Reiki therapist, i will guide you so you can set up a professional healing practice.

Reiki 1 is a pre-requisite for taking Reiki 2.

Reiki 3 (Master Practitioner) - advanced training

This takes your intuition skills to a whole new level. Plus you'll learn how to work with more healing tools to empower your healing practice. You will be attuned to the last Master Reiki Symbol with this level. 

This new awareness of energy can also help with manifesting success and abundance in your life. It is a powerful step in self healing. Reiki 2 is a pre-requisite for this level.



Beginners Reiki Level 1 Training Course 

Learn how to self heal... and heal your friends, family or pets.

Learning Reiki can really support your life. We know because our clients tell us how much better they feel after learning Reiki.

The Reiki 1 course is easy to learn and it's a fun and interesting day. On the course you will:

  • feel great using self healing skills
  • boost your energy with a Reiki healing and attunement
  • learn how to relax your mind and body
  • know how to protect your energy
  • discover how to calm your mind
What happens when you learn Reiki?

Reiki 1 involves a full day of training with an experienced Reiki Teacher in a group setting.

You will learn how to practise Reiki on yourself and others, learn how to relax with meditation and have all you need to start healing.

Price: £120.00



Learn Reiki 2 if ... you wish to practise professionally or simply enhance your Reiki experience for self healing or to practise on family/friends.

Reiki Therapist Training - Benefits

  • Learn how to help balance mental and emotional energy
  • Understand how Reiki 2 healing can help with phobias, control issues and addictions
  • Learn how to use Reiki 2 symbols to release bad habits or negative thinking
  • Discover how to send healing to heal and release the past
  • Learn how to meditate more deeply with Reiki
  • Understand how to send Reiki healing to help manifest future goals
  • Take your knowledge of the chakras to a deeper level
  • Learn how to send healing to people around the world
  • Become aware of how to practise safely as a professional therapist
  • Clear your energy with a Reiki attunement
PRICE:  £199.00



Reiki Level 3 (Reiki Master Practitioner) Course 

Take this enlightening step to become a Reiki Master Practitioner

Learn Advanced Reiki 3 if ...you wish to advance your Reiki experience to enhance your client practice and spiritual development.

New Reiki Healing Tools

Advanced Reiki Practitioner training will teach you new healing symbols for use with clients, meditation and self healing practise.

This level of training includes an attunement which advances the flow of healing Reiki energy, allowing it to flow more clearly through a powerful, universal connection.

The Reiki training includes the Antahkarana healing tool which helps enhance self healing and spiritual development

Advanced Reiki Training - What you will learn

The first step is attending a full day of Reiki training where we provide further teaching and practise with the new healing tools and symbols of the Reiki Master training.

The next step is a private session (either face to face or by telephone) with the Reiki Master Teacher. This opportunity supports your development on a personal and professional basis. The follow-up session is tailored to suit your developmental and spiritual needs.

Benefits of becoming a Reiki Master Practitioner
  • Opportunity to review and enhance your current practise with a Reiki Master Teacher
  • Deepen your connection with Reiki Guides
  • Learn how to use advanced Reiki healing symbols
  • Discover how to practise Psychic Surgery
  • Enjoy working with a sacred symbol of healing
  • Balance your energies with the Reiki Master Practitioner Attunement
  • Learn how to increase your awareness to cope with a healing crisis
  • Practise healing with the Advanced Reiki symbols
  • Discover how to set up a Crystal Healing Grid for manifesting goals and world peace

PRICE:  £299.00